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Making your ideas come to life.

Build, Repair, Install, Adam is here to Lend a Hand. 

With an extensive background in the service industry, working with people, tools, his hands, and most of all, imagination, Adam has the drive and experience to be your go-to guy. 

From picking out the perfect pieces of wood to build your project from scratch,

to hanging fixtures, shelving, large photo galleries,

installing electrical needs and appliances, 

putting together your furniture, pergola, playground, and more...

There's no project too small, or too big. 


Adam's most passionate about woodworking, and building something specific to your needs from scratch.

Let's just say, he's good with numbers, and his hands. 


Adam will end up on your Favorite's Contact List when you have something that you don't want to do, 

but want to have done. 

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